AdtraPUR hot melts are firmly anchored in the contemporary solvent-free manufacturing of high-quality shoes. Reactive hot melts are able to exploit their full potential in this branch of industry and ensure improved quality and optimization and automation of processes. Reactive hot melts are the state of the art in leatherworking and shoe manufacturing.

Low-Emission AdtraPUR is standard for sealing GoreTex® membranes in the bottom-filling process. ADTRACON develops PUR Hot Melts for the areas of bonding of soles and lining and for the lasting process. AdtraPUR is suitable for bonding textiles, leather, foams and membrane films as well as EVA and pre-treated rubber.

We also satisfy the increased demand for environment-friendly and sustainable adhesives with products from the AdtraPUR series which are based partly on renewable raw materials.

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As developer of reactive hot melts, ADTRACON has the expertise to tailor the product characteristics exactly to suit the parameters of your individual applications.

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