bonding systems
are works of art.

Engineered Adhesives.

ADTRACON develops and produces reactive hot melts with superior quality and performance characteristics that open up a whole new range of uses in industrial manufacturing.

Reactive hot melts combine the processing advantages of thermoplastic adhesives with those of reactive adhesives in terms of bond strength after curing. They represent the technology of the future for contemporary industrial bonding applications and guarantee high product quality with economic and environmentally safe manufacturing processes.

Solutions are offered by ADTRACON for a wide range of applications and all common  application methods (screen, roller coaters, spray or nozzle application).


We think in systems.

In today’s industrial production, adhesives are a determining feature for the quality of products, the efficiency of processes and the efficacy of environmental protection and occupational hygiene. We seek to combine all of these in one product. Our aim is to optimize all factors to achieve holistic solutions tailored to the needs of the customer.

ADTRACON develops process-related adhesive systems.


Let’s meet at Techtextil

Let’s meet at Techtextil

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the leading trade fair for technical textiles...

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