Reactive hot melts demonstrate superiority over other systems used in industrial bookbinding and in the graphic industry. The AdtraPUR LE mainly used in bookbinding is particularly low (0.1%) in free monomer isocyanate and, therefore, requires no hazard label.

We offer you products for PUR bonding, for gluing spines and sides of diverse media like brochures, magazines, paperbacks, hard covers or catalogues of varying paper grades. AdtraPUR adhesives can also be used to bond coated papers or thicker brochures and catalogues which are difficult to bind.

The adhesive is applied using rollers or nozzles of common adhesive binding machines. Even with printing into the margin, the adhesive does not run and, even when notchers are used to work on book spines, no markings are visible. Our selection comprises adhesives for high-quality bonding which results in high page-pull test values after curing, even on paper with demanding processing requirements. Adhesion of the products to acetate and PVC films is excellent. Very good adhesion is also achieved with pre-treated PP and PE films.

The products bonded using AdtraPUR exhibit greatly improved durability thus also enabling them to withstand high thermal loads and acquire high chemical resistance. In contrast to dispersion adhesives, the use of AdtraPUR avoids grease spots.

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As developer of reactive hot melts, ADTRACON has the expertise to tailor the product characteristics exactly to suit the parameters of your individual applications.

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