Textile and Filter Industry.

Reactive hot melts of the AdtraPUR product range offer a wide range of sophisticated standard adhesives for the textile-processing, foam and filter industries. AdtraPUR is suitable for the processing of textiles, leather, foams and membrane films as well as PVC and pre-treated PE and PP materials. Special products enable bonds to be achieved which are washable  and even resistant to sterilization but nevertheless soft to the touch.

Products are available to the user for common application techniques in the production of filters which are optimally tailored to the process, for example, the embedding of activated carbon or the lamination of filter materials. The adhesives are suitable, for example, for the manufacture of air filters for air-conditioning systems and the automotive sector and for filters in ventilation systems used in clean rooms.

Occupational hygiene is also of major importance in textile processing and filter manufacturing. Our Low Emission Hot Melts AdtraPUR LE ensure an environment that is low in pollutants.

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As developer of reactive hot melts, ADTRACON has the expertise to tailor the product characteristics exactly to suit the parameters of your individual applications.

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